List of Feeling Words for Kids

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Updated July 20, 2020
Emotional student consoled by empathetic teacher
    Emotional student consoled by empathetic teacher
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Feeling words help kids describe what’s happening inside their minds and bodies. You can use a list of feeling words for kids to help explain emotions to kids or for kids to learn different words for different emotions.

Positive Feeling Words for Kids

Positive emotions are the ones that make you feel really good or are useful. Each word can have a slightly different meaning to suit your exact mood. Many feeling words are adjectives you can use to describe a person.

Happy Feeling Words

The word happy means a feeling of enjoyment or pleasure. It’s how you might feel when you open a Christmas present you really wanted or get to spend the day with your best friend.

  • bubbly
  • cheerful
  • content
  • delighted
  • ecstatic
  • glad
  • joyful
  • loved
  • merry
  • peaceful
  • pleased
  • satisfied
  • silly
  • terrific
  • wonderful

Powerful Feeling Words

Feeling powerful means to feel like you have a lot of strength or authority. You might feel powerful when you win a game or are able to pick up your dog.

  • ambitious
  • bold
  • brave
  • certain
  • courageous
  • determined
  • empowered
  • mighty
  • strong
  • superhuman
  • sure

Energized Feeling Words

When you feel energized, you feel like you have the ability to do things. You might feel energized to learn about something really cool or to redecorate your room.

  • creative
  • curious
  • empowered
  • focused
  • inspired
  • invigorated
  • renewed
  • stimulated
  • strengthened
  • vibrant

Negative Feeling Words for Kids

Negative emotions are the ones that make you feel not so good or aren’t very helpful. Everyone experiences these emotions, you can’t avoid them, but you can learn to feel them and let them go.


Sad Feeling Words

Feeling sad about something means being unhappy about it in a way that makes you feel more down than frustrated or angry. You might be sad if you have to move to a new town or if your pet dies.

  • blue
  • depressed
  • disappointed
  • down
  • gloomy
  • heartbroken
  • hopeless
  • miserable
  • unhappy
  • upset

Mad Feeling Words

When you feel mad you are very unhappy about something and it might make you want to scream. You might feel mad when your brother breaks your favorite toy or your mom makes you turn off your video game before you finish the level.

  • angry
  • annoyed
  • crabby
  • enraged
  • frustrated
  • furious
  • grouchy
  • grumpy
  • infuriated
  • irritated

Confused Feeling Words

When you are confused you don’t understand something or can’t think clearly. You might be confused about a new math problem or about why your friend is being mean to you.

  • doubtful
  • dumbfounded
  • indecisive
  • jumbled
  • mixed-up
  • perplexed
  • tense
  • uncertain
  • unsure

Other Feeling Words that Might Seem Negative

There are lots of other feeling words that might better describe the emotion you have.

  • afraid
  • ashamed
  • bored
  • caring
  • curious
  • embarrassed
  • guilty
  • jealous
  • quiet
  • scared
  • shy

Printable List of Feeling Words for Kids

This free feeling words with faces chart features six different categories of common feelings for kids. There’s also a list of other feelings that might not fit in these categories. Click on the image of the list to download and print it using this handy guide for troubleshooting.

Feeling Words for Kids

Feeling words kids

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Name Your Feelings

It’s important for kids to describe and express emotions or feelings with words so friends and adults can help them deal with these feelings. What word best describes how you are feeling right now?