Sentence Examples

  • The end of the period was marked by the widespread emergence of the continent, and parts of it were never again submerged, so far as is known.
  • He won favor by these means, and completed the levelling down of classes, which had been proceeding ever since the emergence of the communes.
  • Thus as life is transcendent and yet immanent in body, and mind in brain, and both utilize their organs, so God, transcendent and immanent, uses the course of nature for His own ends; and the emergence both of life and mind in that course of nature evidences such a divine initiative as is assumed in the recognition of the possibility of miracles.
  • The differences of standpoint may be due not only to lapse of time, and the emergence of new problems on the horizon of Syrian Christianity generally, but also to change in locality and in the degree of Greek culture represented by the two works.
  • After Mill means after Kant and Hegel and Herbart, and it means after the emergence of evolutionary naturalism.

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