Sentence Examples

  • Mahratta elders hence uttered predictions of military disaster which were in the end more than fulfilled.
  • At first the utmost efforts of the republic failed to avert disaster; for the intensely royalist district of la Vendee, together with most of Brittany, burst into revolt, and several of the northern, central and southern departments rose against the Jacobin rule.
  • Their opportunity came with the disaster which befell the Roman army under Valerian (q.v.) at Edessa, a disaster, says ' The full text, both Greek and Palmyrene, with an English translation, is given in NSI, pp. 313-340.
  • 139° gaining a practical solution of the problem of the destination of the westward-flowing rivers, Sir Thomas Mitchell, in 1833, led an expedition northward to the upper branches of the Darling; the party met with a sad disaster in the death of Richard Cunningham, brother of the eminent botanist, who was murdered by the blacks near the Bogan river.
  • But this atom, only grazed by calumny, has already been restored to him by posterity, for he died poor, having been the first to suffer by the disaster to his illusions.

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