Sentence Examples

  • 9 0) in which the supreme spirit is conceived of as the person or man (purusha), born in the beginning, and consisting of "whatever hath been and whatever shall be," the creation of the visible and invisible universe is represented as originating from an "all-offered" (holocaust) sacrifice in which the Purusha himself forms the offering-material (havis), or, as we might say, the victim.
  • These figures are given by Llorente, who was secretary of the Holy Office from 1790 to 1792 and had access to the archives; but modern research reduces the list 'of those burnt by Torquemada to 2000, in itself an awful holocaust to the principle of intolerance.
  • 20 seq., that this phrase denotes a human holocaust,' and not, as sometimes has been thought, a mere consecration to Molech by passing through or between fires, as in the Roman Palilia and similar rites elsewhere (on which see Frazer, Golden Bough, 2nd ed., ii.
  • The children apparently were not burned alive; they were slain and burned like any other holocaust (Ezek.
  • An atomic holocaust can begin which will destroy a lot.

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