Sentence Examples

  • As the doctrine of two kingdoms, one of this world and one of the world of the dead, becomes crystallized, the dominions of the two sisters are sharply differentiated from one another.
  • During the Carolingian epoch, indeed, advocatus and vice-dominus were interchangeable terms; and it was only in the 11th century rthat they became generally differentiated: the title of avoue being commonly reserved for nobles charged with the protection of an abbey, that of vidame for those guarding an episcopal see.
  • These are ecclesiastically of equal rank, though differentiated, according to their duties, as ministers who preach and administer the sacraments, and as elders who are associated with the ministers in the oversight of the people.
  • It is differentiated from, say, a screwdriver, which does not perform any task on its own but requires a human operator.
  • Acquisition of vocabulary, differentiated labels and concepts relevant to the IE tasks as well as problem solving in general.

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