Sentence Examples

  • To it Sundanese stands in the relation that Low German holds to High German, and the Madurese in the relation of a strongly individualized dialect.
  • Regarding the existing flat-topped heights among the eastern Grampians as remnants of what was once the general character of the surface, we can trace every step in the gradual obliteration of the tableland and in the formation of the most rugged and most individualized forms of isolated mountain.
  • The cell is essentially an individualized mass of protoplasm containing a differentiated protoplasmic body, called a nucleus.
  • He had said expressly that the universal essence, by the addition of the individual forms, was individualized and present secundum totam swam quantitatem in each individual.
  • The men of the South were not less in earnest, and the most highly individualized people in the world was thus found ready to accept a rigorous discipline as the only way to success.

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