Sentence Examples

  • It is a Latin poem in ten books of hexameters, and contains a curious admixture of Biblical history.
  • There is also a considerable admixture of Turkish and Slavonic words.
  • (See RED River Settlement; and Riel, Louis.) The admixture of races and religions, and its position as the key to the great West, have ever since made Manitoba the 1 A round-bottomed, strongly built boat, 30 to 36 ft.
  • John Norquay, in whose veins ran a large admixture of Indian blood.
  • Adjust the frequency so that it has the value of the normal time period of the circuit formed of the condenser and transformer secondary circuit, and thus it is possible to obtain condenser oscillatory discharges free from any admixture with alternating current arc. In this manner the condenser discharge can be started or stopped at pleasure, and long and short discharges made in accordance with the signals of the Morse FIG.

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