Sentence Examples

  • He earnestly admonished Leo, for his own sake and for Florence, to found a permanent and free state system for the republic, reminding him in terms of noble eloquence how splendid is the glory of the man who shall confer such benefits upon a people.
  • He admonished the pope, appointed the bishops, watched over the morals and work of the clergy, and took an active part in the deliberations of church synods; he founded bishoprics and monasteries, was lavish in his gifts to ecclesiastical foundations, and chose bishops and abbots for administrative work.
  • He approved of the Ruthven raid, and admonished James in terms which made him weep, but produced no alteration in his conduct, and before long Craig was denouncing the supremacy of Arran.
  • In 1649, as he was walking towards Nottingham, he heard the bell of the "steeple house" of the city, and was admonished by an inward voice to go forward and cry against the great idol and the worshippers in it.
  • Afterwards, feeling alarmed, according to his own accounts, he admonished Catesby against intending the death of " not only innocents but friends and necessary persons for a commonwealth," and showed him a letter from the pope forbidding rebellion.