Sentence Examples

  • Io - I I) admonishes his sons: Hpbs Ta y Ta7rELYWVEL Kaptlas u,I.LWV 'isa SE577vOs EUXoyLav Ea roD u7-6,l,Garoi abroli.
  • The custom of delivering expositions or comments more or less extemporaneous on the lessons of the day at all events passed over soon and readily into the Christian Church, as may be gathered from the first Apology (c. 67) of Justin Martyr, where we read that, in connexion with the practice of reading portions from the collected writings of the prophets and from the memoirs of the apostles, it had by that time become usual for the presiding minister to deliver a discourse in which "he admonishes the people, stirring them up to an imitation of the good works which have been brought before their notice."
  • Enoch returns to earth, admonishes his sons: instructs them on what he had seen in the heavens, gives them his books.