Sentence Examples

  • That Pitt did not join them is one of the many fatal miscarriages of history, as it is one of the many serious reproaches to be made against that extraordinary man's chequered and uneven course.
  • But he kept aloof from the " Diehard " movement, and warmly defended his leader, Mr. Balfour, from the reproaches cast upon him.
  • It is said that he retired from all active, public life and even neglected plain, public duties, replying to reproaches, "Not every one can speak in his own excuse" (Ibn Qutaiba, Ma 'arif, 250).
  • He won his cause; but in the eyes of all posterity he justified the reproaches of his contemporaries, who describe him as a cruel, venal, grasping seeker after power, eager to support a despotism for the sake of honours, offices and emoluments secured for himself by a bargain with the oppressors of his country.
  • Subsequently the duchess, in a final interview which she had forced upon the queen, found her tears and reproaches Swift's Mem.

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