Sentence Examples

  • He names and condemns the "anthropomorphites," who ascribe a human body to God (on Romans i., sub fin.; Rufinus' Latin version).
  • He endeavours to hold the balance evenly between Rome and Carthage; he strongly condemns the Roman occupation of Sardinia as a breach of faith (iii.
  • Similarly, John XXII., in his bull Sancta Romana et Universalis Ecclesia (28th of December 1317), condemns vaguely those "profanae multitudinis viri commonly called Fraticelli, or Brethren of the Poor Life, or Bizocchi, or Beguines, or by all manner of other names."
  • Averroes, at the same time, condemns the attempts of those who tried to give demonstrative science where the mind was not capable of more than rhetoric: they harm religion by their mere negations, destroying an old sensuous creed, but cannot build up a higher and intellectual faith.
  • Basil, in his work On the Holy Spirit just mentioned, condemns " baptism into the Lord alone " as insufficient.

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