Sentence Examples

  • He is placed in a room where he must stay, unless someone frees him.
  • If Death frees a mortal from the underworld, she violates a code even older than she is.
  • The steam is introduced into the pipes at about the pressure of the atmosphere, and is sucked through the system by means of a vacuum pump, which at the same operation frees the pipes from air and from condensation water.
  • After the strain of the fight with the so-called "Wee Frees" in 1904-5 his health broke down, and he went to Australia for recovery, but died at Melbourne on the 22nd of December 1906 See Lives by P. Carnegie Simpson (1909) and R.
  • Two pairs of invaginations of B the skin, which originally are called the prostomial and metastomial disks, grow round the intestine, finally fuse together, and form the skin and mus- cular body-wall of the future Nemertine, which afterwards becomes ciliated, frees itself from the pilidium investment and develops into the adult worm without further metamorphosis.

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