Sentence Examples

  • The land-locked character of this region greatly restricts the city's trade and development; but it is considered the most important town in the department.
  • Want of data for the elements, however, restricts this method to narrow limits, and hence an indirect method is necessary.
  • The collective name for the corps was celeres (" the swift," or possibly from Kan s, "a riding horse"); Livy, however, restricts the term to a special body-guard of ' Romulus.
  • The class of furnaces heated by electrically incandescent materials has been divided by Borchers into two groups: (I) those in which the substance is heated by contact form at least so much carbide as would suffice, when diffused through the metal, to render it brittle, practically restricts the use of such processes to the production of aluminium alloys.
  • It now restricts itself to publishing contributions relating to antiquities and the middle ages and Oriental studies.

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