Sentence Examples

  • He who binds the Oracle, binds the future, his brother had once told him.
  • For the purposes of a concordat the state recognizes the official status of the church and of its ministers and tribunals; guarantees it certain privileges; and sometimes binds itself to secure for it subsidies representing compensation for past spoliations.
  • The king's oath to his men binds him to respect and maintain their rights, which are as prominent as are his duties; and if the men feel that the royal oath has not been kept, they may lawfully refuse military service (gager le roi), and may even rise in authorized and legal rebellion.
  • In 1447 English flat glass is mentioned in the contract for the windows of the Beauchamp. chapel at Warwick, but disparagingly, as the contractor binds himself not to use it.
  • YGGDRASIL, in Scandinavian mythology, the mystical ash tree which symbolizes existence, and binds together earth, heaven and hell.

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