Sentence Examples

  • The chains of Shar, Grammos and Pindus constitute a kind of natural boundary, which does not, however, coincide with ethnical limits nor with the Turkish administrative divisions.
  • Fast food chains optimize for two of them: taste and price, at the expense of nutrition.
  • He broke two of the chains holding her before four vampires attacked him.
  • Demons that could take on the forms of whatever human they pleased were rare, and Darkyn had hand-selected the one before him for this mission.  Impressed, he stood back and motioned the cowering Immortal in the corner forward.  The Immortal scientist, Ully, crept towards them, the chains around his feet rattling with each step.
  • The iron wire used for wire-netting, telegraphic purposes, &c., is commonly galvanized, as also are bolts, nuts, chains and other fittings on ships.

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