Sentence Examples

  • The best forms of poeticus ornatus have been crossed with the bunch-flowered Tazettas, and have resulted in producing varieties with large trusses of exquisite flowers more or less resembling the ornatus parents, and varying in colour from the purest white to yellow, the rim of the corona being in most cases conspicuously and charmingly coloured with red or crimson.
  • - In England timber bridges of considerable span, either braced trusses or laminated arches (i.e.
  • From 1840, trusses, chiefly of timber but with wrought-iron tensionrods and cast-iron shoes, were adopted in America.
  • Pp. 1-28.) These timber framed structures served as models for the earlier metal trusses which began to be used soon after 1850, and which, except in a few localities where iron is costly, have quite superseded them.
  • There are four cables, one on each side of the two main trusses or stiffening girders.

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