Sentence Examples

  • Furthermore, it is rare to find Celtic earrings that use more than a single gem as a decorative accent - too many gems would detract from the beauty of the Celtic knots, while multiple small gems may be lost in the interwoven knots.
  • The great thing about shopping at Zenni Optical is that you can add or detract from the pair of prescription sunglasses your interested in.For example, if you spot a pair of sunglasses you like, simply place it in your "cart".
  • It works because even while the image border might be a little busy, it is far enough away from the center content area that it doesn't detract from the readability or the overall clean format of the page.
  • The stark contrast of different colors of metal may detract from the beauty of the gem, while similar shades of one metal (different karat values of yellow gold, for example) may be used to enhance the stone.
  • Bodybuilders know that the right suit or bikini shouldn't detract from hard-fought physiques, but instead, enhance the overall presentation of the body, and these suits can help you to do just that.