Sentence Examples

  • A detoxification fast may or may not help your body rid itself of toxins, but the only way to effectively detoxify over the long term is to avoid those products that cause toxic build-up in the first place.
  • When someone attempts to detoxify their body via a detox diet plan, it means that they're striving to rid their body of certain toxins or other contaminants.
  • Alternative treatments that have been suggested for arthritis include juice therapy, which can work to detoxify the body, helping to reduce JA symptoms.
  • For many, this is a nice way to lose a small amount of weight before an event or as a way to detoxify and reset the body for another diet program.
  • Young digestive tracts absorb toxins more readily than adult digestive tracts, and young kidneys don't detoxify as efficiently as adult kidneys.