Sentence Examples

  • Furthermore, it is rare to find Celtic earrings that use more than a single gem as a decorative accent - too many gems would detract from the beauty of the Celtic knots, while multiple small gems may be lost in the interwoven knots.
  • On some applications this character is essential to make the characters actually look like a face, whereas in others it is simply another keystroke that can even detract from the overall look.
  • Allow your hair to stand out just enough that it earns a few compliments (you'll never tire of hearing just how lustrous your locks look!) but doesn't detract from the rest of your ensemble.
  • While the age of Internet communications, daily updates and sneak previews reduce the 'must-see' component of the daytime medium, it does not detract from fans' need to know what's going on.
  • The great thing about shopping at Zenni Optical is that you can add or detract from the pair of prescription sunglasses your interested in.For example, if you spot a pair of sunglasses you like, simply place it in your "cart".