Sentence Examples

  • Don't use your equity in a frivolous manner, because you never really know when your home may begin to depreciate and leave you with owing more than the home is worth.
  • Even if your home does not depreciate, that is not to say the money you invested in the home would not have grown larger and faster had it been invested wisely somewhere else.
  • Those to virgins, (2) above); for these enjoin virginity (celibacy), and praise Elijah, David, Samson, and all the prophets, whereas the Ebionite Circuits favour marriage (even in Apostles) and depreciate the prophets between Moses and Christ, "the true Prophet."
  • The government being unable to repay its loans from the banks compelled the latter to suspend the conversion of their notes, which began to depreciate in value.
  • "I have been a witness of him for sixteen years," says Beza, "and I think I am fully entitled to say that in this man there was exhibited to all an example of the life and death of the Christian, such as it will not be easy to depreciate, such as it will be difficult to emulate."