Sentence Examples

  • In a detraction from her normal foot-in-mouth barbs regarding movies like Knocked Up and shows like Grey's Anatomy, that made her career, Heigl's comments about her early Grey's departure were rather subdued.
  • He constantly speaks of the malevolence and detraction of an older poet, whose name is said to have been Luscius Lavinius or Lanuvinus.
  • Brilliant and beneficent as his career had been, Lord Hastings did not escape unjust detraction.
  • From 1832 to 1837 there was a pause in the march of Egyptology, and it seemed as if the young science might be overwhelmed by the storm of doubts and detraction that was poured upon it by the enemies of Champollion.
  • A systematic policy of detraction was pursued by the small section of the Radical party who objected to a peer premier as such, and a great deal of adverse criticism was also aroused by a speech in which the prime minister, taunted for not again bringing forward a Home Rule measure, insisted upon the truism that the conversion of England, the "predominant partner," was a necessary condition of success.