Sentence Examples

  • Those traditions or doctrines which were most uncongenial to the modern world were placed in strong relief; and the disparagement of the individual intellect was extended to the disparagement of scientific research itself " (Wilfrid Ward, Life of W.
  • It would be difficult to draw any comparison between German and Italian humanists to the disparagement of the former.
  • The leading thought was God's absolute sovereignty in the work of redemption: that while it behoved God to create man holy, it was of His " good pleasure " and " mere and arbitrary grace " that any man was now made holy, and that God might deny this grace without any disparagement to any of His perfections.
  • It is no disparagement to point out that the recognition he obtained was due not only to his published work, but also to his success as a teacher.
  • As a term of disparagement and contempt the word is also used of persons, from the idea of wriggling or creeping on the ground, partly, too, perhaps, with a reminiscence of Genesis iii.