Sentence Examples

  • He then seized, but soon released, Stephen Colonna and some other barons who had spoken disparagingly of him.
  • In 1447 English flat glass is mentioned in the contract for the windows of the Beauchamp. chapel at Warwick, but disparagingly, as the contractor binds himself not to use it.
  • Now, as in all eight passages Aristotle speaks, somewhat disparagingly, of " even (Kai) extraneous discourses," and as these include his own early dialogues, they must be taken to mean that though he might quote them, he no longer wished to be judged by his early views, and therefore drew a strong line of demarcation between his early dialogues and the mature treatises of his later philosophical system.
  • It was said that he died of a broken heart, and a conversation with the king is reported in which Louis disparagingly compared the buildings of Versailles, which Colbert was superintending, with the works constructed by Louvois in Flanders.
  • 9 9) speaks somewhat disparagingly of him, and Cicero, although he admits with some hesitation that Caecilius may have been the chief of the comic poets (De Optimo Genere Oratorum, I), considers him inferior to Terence in style and Latinity (Ad Att.