Sentence Examples

  • Even many police and fire departments depend on Harleys - if these bikes are trusted and dependable enough for law enforcement and rescue personnel, they can be counted on for the recreational rider as well as the bike enthusiast.
  • Compulsive personalities are conscientious, reliable, dependable, orderly, and methodical, but with an inflexibility that often makes them incapable of adapting to changing circumstances.
  • Many parents choose center-based care because they believe the presence of multiple caregivers, larger groups of children, and state inspections make them both safer and more dependable.
  • Today Omega's fashionable and dependable Speedmaster is the watch of choice for Agent 007, James Bond, and many celebrities from film, sports and music adore their Omega watches.
  • Insecure attachment develops when a primary care-giver does not consistently respond in ways that are warm, affectionate, loving, dependable, and sensitive to the infant's needs.