Sentence Examples

  • Although these brands can be on the pricey side, for children who really need dependable warmth for a long winter season because of where their family lives, these high-quality jackets can be worth investing in.
  • Even many police and fire departments depend on Harleys - if these bikes are trusted and dependable enough for law enforcement and rescue personnel, they can be counted on for the recreational rider as well as the bike enthusiast.
  • Although metal pronged cleats are dependable when you're running around the infield or catching fly balls way out in right field, the disadvantage of metal baseball cleats is often the same as the initial advantage.
  • You might not have the perfect bra in mind, but you soon will when you shop for bras that suit any go-get-em athlete or performer looking for something that's dependable, layerable, and performance-friendly.
  • This dependable economy chain's Wharf location provides guests with microwaves, refrigerators and VCRs in all rooms, within walking distance to the Wharf, North Beach and Chinatown as well.