Sentence Examples

  • Since the demolition of the fortifications the city has greatly expanded.
  • As a result of the rebellion of 1173-1174 it was provided that an oath of fealty should be taken by all, to wit, barons, knights, freeholders and even villeins (rustici)", and that any one who refused should be arrested as the king's enemy, and the justices were to see that the castles whose demolition had been ordered were completely razed.
  • He took part in the expedition to Kinburn, and then returned to Sevastopol to superintend a portion of the demolition of the Russian dockyard.
  • The removal of the ancient temple was undoubtedly intended when the Erechtheum was built, but superstition and popular feeling may have prevented its demolition and the removal of the, 6avov to the new edifice.
  • Among the most picturesque features of Scottish sea-cliffs are the numerous stacks or columns of rock which during the demolition and cuttingback of the precipices have been isolated and left standing amidst the waves.