Sentence Examples

  • Comparable with these cases is that of Cuckoo-spit, due to the juices sucked out by Aphrop/ttkora~ on herbaceous plants of all kinds.
  • Of the many characteristic birds may be mentioned Pycnonotidae or bulbuls, of which the Phyllornithinae are peculiar, Campephagidae or cuckoo-shrikes, Dicruridae or drongos, Nectariniidae or sunbirds; pheasants, together with Pavo and Gallus.
  • A variety of the cuckoo called hototogisu (Cuculus poliocephalus) in imitation of the sound of its voice, is heard as an accompaniment of the uguisu, and there are also three other species, the kakkodori (Cuculus canorus), the Isutsu-dori (C. himalayanus), and the masuhakari, orju-ichi (C. hyperythrus).
  • Arum maculatum, Cuckoo-pint.
  • (cuckoo-pint, lords and ladies, or wake robin), gives a meagre idea of its development.

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