Sentence Examples

  • Because Lady Gaga has natural brunette hair, getting her bright platinum blonde takes a double color process and includes pearly pink subtle hair highlights to enhance her hair's shine and gloss for an ultra healthy look.
  • Her hair must be colored every three weeks to maintain its brilliance, and because that amount of coloring is highly stressful, Lady Gaga uses high quality hair products and conditioners to keep her hair healthy.
  • Long, blunt bangs are a popular Lady Gaga style - the bangs should cover the eyebrows and be cut perfectly straight in a thick fringe, and they work best with straight, simple hair styles.
  • Temporary hair color can provide this effect with less stress to every strand, though Lady Gaga has also been known to opt for colored hair extensions to achieve the look she wants.
  • Holiday Gaga offers a wide Victorian Valentine's divided into two categories, contemporary greeting cards manufactured from 1960 to current and vintage Valentines made before 1960.