Sentence Examples

  • By this method it is shown that water, when present as " water of crystallization," behaves as if it were ice.
  • Cleavage is thus a superinduced structure, and its explanation is to be found in the rearrangement of the minerals, and the development of a certain degree of crystallization by pressure acting on the rock.
  • By advancing crystallization and increased size of their components, slates pass gradually into phyllites, which consist also of quartz, muscovite and chlorite.
  • Glauber's salt readily forms supersaturated solutions, in which crystallization takes place suddenly when a crystal of the salt is thrown in; the same effect is obtained by exposure to the air or by touching the solution with a glass rod.
  • The salt melts in its water of crystallization at 75°, and the liquid thus obtained goes up to a density of 3.6.