Sentence Examples

  • The soluble salts are, when in the hydrated condition, also red, but in the anhydrous condition are blue.
  • Cobalt chloride, CoC1 2, in the anhydrous state, is formed by burning the metal in chlorine or by heating the sulphide in a current of the same gas.
  • The hydrated salt readily loses water on heating, forming at 100° C. the hydrate CoBr 2.2H 2 O, and at 130° C. passing into the anhydrous form.
  • The most common of these sulphides is cobaltous sulphide, CoS, which occurs naturally as syepoorite, and can be artificially prepared by heating cobaltous oxide with sulphur, or by fusing anhydrous cobalt sulphate with barium sulphide and common salt.
  • By dissolving it in concentrated sulphuric acid and warming the solution, the anhydrous salt is obtained.

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