Sentence Examples

  • Just as every crystallizable chemical substance assumes a definite and constant crystalline form which cannot be accounted for otherwise than by regarding it as one of the properties of the substance, so every living organism assumes a characteristic form which is the outcome of the properties of its protoplasm.
  • It forms crystallizable salts with potassium and calcium hydrates, and functions as a weak acid forming salts named plumbates.
  • The chloride readily combines with water to form a crystallizable hydrate SnCl 2.2H 2 O, known as "tin salt" or "tin crystals."
  • Will (Ber., 1908, 7, p. 407), who obtained two isomeric dinitroglycerins, one of which is eminently crystallizable and the other fluid.
  • Dissolves the most uncrystallizable in preference to that which is most crystallizable sugar," and the patentee speaks of " a discovery I have made that no solution, unless highly concentrated, of sugar in water can without material injury to its colouring-and crystallizing power, or to both, be exposed to its boiling temperature during the period required to evaporate such solution to the crystallizing point."