Sentence Examples

  • About 20 gallons of lemon juice should yield about 1 0 lb of crystallized citric acid.
  • The scary, confusing world she.d entered weeks before crystallized and grew clear as she watched the lethal battle.
  • Thomsen then investigated heats of combustion of various benzenoid hydrocarbons - benzene, naphthalene, anthracene, phenanthrene, &c. - in the crystallized state.
  • Beudant in 1824) also has reference to the azure-blue colour; the name chessylite, also in common use, is of later date (1852), and is from the locality, Chessy near Lyons, which has supplied the best crystallized specimens of the mineral.
  • Gabriel called the soul to him silently and watched the green fog form around his hand before it crystallized into an emerald.