Sentence Examples

  • These clays are produced by the decomposition of the granite by acid vapours, which are discharged after the igneous rock has solidified ("fumarole or pneumatolytic action").
  • It is a colourless fuming gas, which liquefies under ordinary pressure at -50°, and under a pressure of 15 atmospheres at 16°; it may be solidified to a snow-like mass.
  • It is a colourless liquid,boiling at 107.2°, and when solidified it melts at o 8°.
  • It is a nearly colourless fuming liquid of unpleasant smell, which can be solidified to a mass of crystals melting at-6° C. It dissociates into the trichloride and chlorine when heated.
  • 1908, 41, P 594): At ordinary temperatures it is a gas, but it may be condensed to a liquid and finally solidified, the solid melting at -151 ° C. It is characterized by its penetrating smell.

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