Sentence Examples

  • It solidifies at - 21° C. (Quincke) to a dark brown solid.
  • It is a yellow-coloured liquid which solidifies at o° C., and fumes on exposure to air.
  • As the melting point of the metal is gradually raised by the progressive decarburization, it at length passes above the temperature of the furnace, about 1400° C., with the consequence that the metal, now below its melting point, solidifies in pasty grains, or " comes to nature."
  • This ebb continues, and, combined with the progressive narrowing of the molten lake as more and more of it solidifies and joins the shore layers, gives rise to the pipe, a cavity like an inverted pear, as shown at C in fig.
  • I) solidifies, its carbon may form cementite following the cementite-austenite diagram so that white, i.e.

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