Sentence Examples

  • After this a marked sexual dimorphism sets in.
  • The iris is in most young birds at first brown or dull-coloured, but with maturity attains often very bright tints which add considerably to the charm of the bird; sexual dimorphism is in this respect of common occurrence.
  • One of the most interesting features of ant-societies is the dimorphism or polymorphism that may often be seen among the workers, the same species being represented by two or more forms. Thus the British " wood ant " (Formica rufa) has a smaller and a larger race of workers (" minor " and " major " forms), while in Ponera we find a blind race of workers and another race provided with eyes, and in Atta, Eciton and other genera, four or five forms of workers are produced, the largest of which, with huge heads and elongate trenchant mandibles, are known as the " soldier " caste.
  • The phenomenon of seasonal dimorphism is of especial moment for the plankton dwellers.
  • Molluscs are usually of separate sexes, but sexual dimorphism is seldom highly developed.

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