Sentence Examples

  • A problem arises because of the strong correlation between standard of living and energy consumption.
  • The impossibility of safe correlation of units necessitates a division by countries.
  • It is possible that a correlation may be made between solubility and the energy of surface tension.
  • The consequence is that all the world admitted into his philosophy is what he called the " empirio-critical essential co-ordination " (empirio-kritische Prinzipialkoordination), an inseparable correlation of central part and counterpart, of ego and environment.
  • The " true account " of the world in his own words is " that the concrete whole, which may be described indifferently as an eternal intelligence realized in the related facts of the world, or as a system of related facts rendered possible by such an intelligence, partially and gradually reproduces itself in us, communicating piecemeal, but in inseparable correlation, understanding and the facts understood, experience and the experienced world."