Sentence Examples

  • Was my relation-ology wrong?
  • While Dean was impatient over Fred's over reaction to the judge's admonitions, he didn't wish to compromise his stepfather's relation with the court.
  • Jonathan was no more blood relation to them than Destiny, but neither child could have been loved more deeply nor considered more a family member.
  • And, if to satisfy these we were forced to maintain the existence of a world of moral standards, it was, thirdly, necessary to form some opinion as to the relation of these moral standards of value to the forms and facts of phenomenal existence.
  • But the mechanical view of nature is not identical with the materialistic. In the last of the above-mentioned works the question is discussed at great length how we have to consider mind, and the relation between mind and body; the answer is - we have to consider mind as an immaterial principle, its action, however, on the body and vice versa as purely mechanical, indicated by the fixed laws of a psycho-physical mechanism.

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