Sentence Examples

  • Anaximander postulated a corporeal substance intermediate between air and fire on the one hand, and between earth and water on the other hand.
  • In the Christian Church (and again in early Mahommedanism) simple minds believed in the corporeal nature of God.
  • 384), to which he says brutes, who partake as truly as men in the faculty called phantasia, never attain; the notion of God, whom he says we may imagine to be corporeal, but understand to be incorporeal; and lastly, the reflex action by which the mind makes its own phenomena and operations the objects of attention.
  • Trust estates were not subject to escheat until the Intestates' Estates Act 1884, but now by that act the law of escheat applies in the same manner as if the estate or interest were a legal estate in corporeal hereditaments.
  • It should be noticed that Hartley's sensationalism is far from leading him to exalt the corporeal pleasures.

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