Sentence Examples

  • These prisons received all sentenced to short terms of imprisonment, the long-term convicts going to the bagnes (the great convict prisons at the arsenals of Rochefort, Brest and Toulon), while in 1851 transportation to penal colonies was adopted.
  • In return the state receives the produce of convict labor in Guiana and New Caledonia.
  • There is a convict settlement on Chatham with 1 Apparently derived from the Chinese Kau-liang-Kiang, i.e.
  • The Labour movement in Australia may be traced back to the early days when transportation was in vogue, and the free immigrant and the time-expired convict objected to the competition of the bond labourer.
  • The judges and lawyers began to question the legality of his ordinances, and to doubt their competency to convict royalist prisoners of treason.

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