Sentence Examples

  • If the angle subtended by the components of a double line be twice that subtended by the wave-length at a distance equal to the horizontal aperture, the central bands are just clear of one another, and there is a line of absolute blackness in the middle of the combined images.
  • Compounds were denoted by joining the symbols of the components, and by varying the manner of joining compounds of the same elements were distinguished The symbol V was used to denote a liquid, and a vertical line to denote a gas.
  • The biggest and most recognizable components of the hydrosphere are the oceans and seas.
  • (5) (8) (I) The components of acceleration of a particle of fluid are consequently Du dudu du du dt = dt +u dx +v dy + wdz' Dr dv dv dv dv dt -dt+udx+vdy+wdz' dt v = dtJ+udx+vdy +w dx' leading to the equations of motion above.
  • Putting (12) a vortex line is defined to be such that the tangent is in the direction of w, the resultant of, n, called the components of molecular rotation.

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