Sentence Examples

  • Now nearly all rivers contain some small percentage of salt, which forms a distinct ingredient in alluvial plains.
  • The ability to instantly and, for a very low cost, reliably transfer money to anyone on the planet is a key ingredient in increasing the amount of trade that occurs online.
  • There are therefore in most prescriptions (i) a basis or chief ingredient intended to cure (curare), (2) an adjuvant to assist its action and make it cure quickly (cito), (3) a corrective to prevent or lessen any undesirable effect (tuto), and (4) a vehicle or excipient to make it suitable for administration and pleasant to the patient (jucunde).
  • The employment of chalk as an ingredient in many seals Waxen im= of the 12th century has caused them to become ex- pressions.
  • To 97° F., and contain, as chief ingredient, sulphate of lime.

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