Sentence Examples

  • Lateral wraps, "revolutionary" TPU/Pebax" materials, and the Nike Vapor TD pattern are all features of this superior cleat that is geared to create stable traction and provide excellent ankle support.
  • Because they cannot be removed from the shoe, it's vital to pick the kind of soccer cleat that works for the kinds of conditions you face most often in your games as well as the most comfortable fit.
  • Moreover, they can tear up little potholes all along the outfield, never mind what they can do to raw flesh when you're sliding into third base and your cleat careens right into the third baseman.
  • This particular brand has been carefully designed and planned for support, transport, and agility, and it's one of the bestselling cleat brands out there for the casual shopper.
  • The reason why so many brand name soccer cleats are accompanied by bloated prices is because of all the specialized technology that goes into the manufacturing of the cleat.