Sentence Examples

  • The head of the stopper is fastened in a chuck and the peg is ground to the size of the mouth of the bottle by means of sand and water pressed against the glass by bent strips of thin sheet iron.
  • The mouth of the bottle is then pressed by hand on the peg of the stopper, and the mouth and peg are ground together with a medium of very fine emery and water until an air-tight joint is secured.
  • 2) of a capacity varying from To to Too cc., fitted with an accurately ground stopper, which is vertically perforated by a fine hole.
  • For volatile liquids, a flask provided with a long neck which carries a graduation and is fitted with a well-ground stopper is recommended.
  • The top is fitted with a rubber stopper, or in some forms with a stop-cock, while a little way down there is a bent delivery tube (b).

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