Sentence Examples

  • Of rectified spirits of wine; the whole is next stirred together, and when cold is kept in a stoppered bottle.
  • Solids may be directly admitted to the tube from a weighing bottle, while liquids are conveniently introduced by means of small stoppered bottles, or, in the case of exceptionally volatile liquids, by means of a bulb blown on a piece of thin capillary tube, the tube being sealed during the weighing operation, and the capillary broken just before transference to the apparatus.
  • The substance is weighed into a small stoppered bottle, which is then placed beneath the mouth of the barometer tube.
  • The prepared leaves have a faint odour and bitter taste; and to preserve their properties they must be kept excluded from light in stoppered bottles.
  • They are then dried and put up for preservation in glass-stoppered bottles; and they require to be very carefully guarded against mites and various other minute insects, to the attacks of which they are peculiarly liable.

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