Sentence Examples

  • From Chipping Barnet.
  • Surrounding the church (which stands in a highlying portion of the g own known as Chipping Hill) there are earthworks, possibly the remains of a fortification recorded as made by order of Edward the Elder in 913, but perhaps of British origin.
  • Similarly, this industry was of early importance along the line of the Cotteswold Hills, from Chipping Camden to Stroud and beyond, as also in some towns of Devonshire and Cornwall, but though it survives in the neighbourhood of Stroud, the importance of this district is far surpassed by that of the West Riding of Yorkshire, where the woollen industry stands pre-eminent among the many which, as already indicated, have concentrated there.
  • The Tasmanian stone implements, figured in the Plate, show their own use when it is noticed that the rude chipping forms. a good hand-grip above, and an effective edge for chopping, sawing, and cutting below.
  • The three chief divisions are as follows: - (I) Chipping or High Barnet, a market town and urban district (Barnet), pop. (1901) 7876.