Sentence Examples

  • From Chipping Barnet.
  • Surrounding the church (which stands in a highlying portion of the g own known as Chipping Hill) there are earthworks, possibly the remains of a fortification recorded as made by order of Edward the Elder in 913, but perhaps of British origin.
  • The Tasmanian stone implements, figured in the Plate, show their own use when it is noticed that the rude chipping forms. a good hand-grip above, and an effective edge for chopping, sawing, and cutting below.
  • The three chief divisions are as follows: - (I) Chipping or High Barnet, a market town and urban district (Barnet), pop. (1901) 7876.
  • In this category may be placed head-deformation, which reached its extreme development among the Indians of North-West America and the ancient Peruvians; foot-constriction as practised by the Chinese; tooth-chipping among many African tribes; and waist-compression common in Europe at the present day.