Sentence Examples

  • A fall wedding can be a lovely event, and couples who plan on decorating an aisle for a fall wedding are taking their first steps into matrimony down a breathtaking aisle that will be a memorable and romantic path for them to walk together.
  • The pearls set in spectacular ring settings, such as this gorgeous 11mm chocolate Tahitian pearl set in beautiful 14K rose gold and surrounded by 158 diamonds, were a success as customers marveled at the breathtaking luster of the gems.
  • Mountain trails provide different levels of challenge with breathtaking views, and those who prefer to keep their feet on level ground can always enjoy a game of golf or a day of shopping for antiques and homemade crafts.
  • With a breathtaking view of the ocean shimmering in the background, a spate of soft, hot sand underfoot and the sun shining down on friends and family, the magic of the moment is somehow amplified in this lovely setting.
  • You want models who stand out from the rest of the pack, be it with a breathtaking mixture of different nationalities, unusual hair, make-up or body piercings, or eye-catching tattoos or alternative clothing choices.