Sentence Examples

  • - Section transverse to the of Cephalodiscus in long axis of Cephalodiscus dodecalophus those structure and in position, (morphologically a frontal section).
  • The boundary line is drawn from a point opposite to the mouth of the Alder, and follows the centre of the longitudinal axis north-eastwards to 56° 50 N., where it strikes eastwards to the shore.
  • The symmetry also requires that the intensity of the scattered light should vanish for the ray which would be propagated along the axis; for there is nothing to distinguish one direction transverse to the ray from another.
  • So far as (7) is concerned the alternative supposition that AD vanishes would answer equally well, if we suppose the vibrations to be executed in the plane of polarization; but let us now revert to (5), which gives w 3 = _ PAN y z - = + PAN xy _ PAN z 2 - x2 8 N r 2 N r2' W 2 + N r2 (8) from 0 along which there is no scattered light, - two along the axis According to these equations there would be, in all, six directions of y normal to the original ray, and four (y z = =x) at angles of 45° with that ray.
  • (3) On Conoids and Spheroids (Peri konoeideon kai sphairoeideon) is a treatise in thirty-two propositions, on the solids generated by the revolution of the conic sections about their axes, the main results being the comparisons of the volume of any segment cut off by a plane with that of a cone having the same base and axis (Props.

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