Sentence Examples

  • - Section transverse to the of Cephalodiscus in long axis of Cephalodiscus dodecalophus those structure and in position, (morphologically a frontal section).
  • The boundary line is drawn from a point opposite to the mouth of the Alder, and follows the centre of the longitudinal axis north-eastwards to 56° 50 N., where it strikes eastwards to the shore.
  • The disturbance, consisting of transverse vibrations, is propagated outwards in all directions from the centre; and, in consequence of the symmetry, the direction of vibration in any ray lies in the plane containing the ray and the axis of symmetry; that is to say, the direction of vibration in the scattered or diffracted ray makes with the direction of vibration in the incident or primary ray the least possible angle.
  • The symmetry also requires that the intensity of the scattered light should vanish for the ray which would be propagated along the axis; for there is nothing to distinguish one direction transverse to the ray from another.
  • It is easily seen to be about an axis perpendicular to the scattered ray (x, y, z), inasmuch as _ _ x&Ji+y02+z03 Let us consider the more special case of a ray scattered normally to the incident ray, so that x=o.

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