Sentence Examples

  • Each wing forms a mobile helix or screw.
  • The species of Helix are all herbivorous, like the Pulmonata generally; snails and slugs are well-known enemies to the gardener.
  • In the steady motion under no force of such a body in medium, the centre of gravity describes a helix, while the axis escribes a cone round the direction of motion of the centre of ravity, and the couple causing precession is due to the dislacement of the medium.
  • Such a complex motion is called screw-like or helical motion; for each point in the body describes a helix or screw round the axis of rotation, fixed or instantaneous as the case may ~ be.
  • In wheelwork of this kind the contact of each pair of teeth commences at the foremost end of the helical front, and terminates at the aftermost end; and the helix is of such a pitch that the contact of one pair of teeth shall not terminate until that of the next pair has commenced.

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