Sentence Examples

  • His bright features turned pink beneath his wire-rimmed glasses and straw-colored hair.
  • Each wire was to be used for the transmission of one letter only, and the message was to be sent by charging the proper wires in succession, and received by observing the 1 From correspondence found among Sir David Brewster's papers after his death it seems highly probable that the writer of this letter, which was signed " C. M.," was Charles Morrison, a surgeon and a native of Greenock, but at that time resident in Renfrew.
  • To attach to the end of each wire a small light ball which when charged would be attracted towards an adjacent bell and strike it.
  • In the aerial or overground system of land telegraphs the use of copper wire has become very general.
  • The advantage of the high conducting power which copper possesses Over- is of especial value in moist climates (like that of the United Kingdom), since the effect of leakage over the surface of the damp insulators is much less noticeable when the conducting power of the wire is high than when it is low, especially when the line is a long one.

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