Sentence Examples

  • The Ems telegram made the conFranco- tinuance of peace impossible; on the I4th of July Overman Napoleon III.
  • On the 26th of June 1879 Ismail suddenly received from the sultan a curt telegram, addressed to him as ex-khedive of Egypt, informing him that his son Tewfik was appointed his successor.
  • As soon as the telegram at Cuxhaven announces high tide three shots are fired from the harbour to warn the inhabitants of the " fleets "; and if the progress of the tide up the river gives indication of danger, other three shots follow.
  • This telegram might have exercised the most prejudicial influence on the course of the battle had not Ladmirault (4th Corps), nearer to the seat of the imaginary danger, taken upon himself to disregard the warning transmitted to him by headquarters.
  • The telegram stated that the position of matters was grave, and that it was of the utmost importance that the colony should secure the services of someone of proved ability, firmness and energy.